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Something too one needs to keep in mind, change over dates from one model year to the next were sort of like moving targets. A contributing factor was component inventory. If it could be used, it was used, creating interesting variations. Ever noticed it missing? It's not a fluke.

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It does make for a variation but doesn't affect value. One would like to believe that extra inserts were always available.

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At the same time the Mini Tonka trucks were on the drawing board, another series was also in the design process. Had there been sufficient resources, both series may have been introduced at the New York Toy Fair in Waiting one year was well worth the wait however.

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And the rest, as the saying goes, is history. The popularity of the Mighty Dump in the 21st century is without question.

It has withstood the rigorous test of time and sandboxes everywhere. A whole series of Mightys followed model Mighty Dump over the years.

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Each model a testament to durable, made with automotive grade steel, kids toys that were guaranteed for life. This portion of the website is dedicated to the Mighty Dump, to If you are a Mighty Dump enthusiast, they will be presented here with a few details to help you identify the year of manufacture.

You may be inspired to collect one of each. If you want to see, and possibly learn more about the Mighty series, my companion website may be the answer.