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We stopped chatting after she said we should talk on Skype. Too late now, but should I have phoned her then? That was about four months ago. Us guys have it tough when trying to get the measure right with ladies. You will see on my Tinder Tips how I usually go about progressing from app to date. I dont usually hang around as you get in the messaging circle, and there are a lot of people who appear to be very willing to text but not progress to chatting on the phone or actually meeting.

The players of the field have made it very hard to flirt as a lot of women have become wise the to over zealous player who wants to just get in her pants and as a result shuts down as soon as a genuine flirt is used. Good For Right Now theory does not help in finding Mr. Right because your time is focused on that Mr.

How To Avoid Time Wasters When Dating

Good For Right Now. It is a time waster unless you are just looking for a booty call and in that case it is good for late night! Thank you for giving us ideas on how to determine whether our date is a waster. But I do believe that going out to a date is like having fun with someone. I never thought of dating as a waste of time. These are all great suggestions! No one else should either! We cant opt out of this situation,we all find ourself in one way or the other,to me its part of life. One has to go through this in order to make right decision regarding relationship. Knowing this will make it easier to move quickly to the next profile and avoid wasting precious time.

Yes you will need to go on A LOT of dates to find the right person so have very low expectations. You have greater chance going on a date with a girl if she has been on the app a fair while and has seen the pros and cons already as well as being a gentleman. What else can you do to avoid time wasters when dating? Here are some more tips: Let others know about this post!

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Im just trying to understand what they are getting out of it? I would never insult anyone or be rude or disrespectful. If I dont fancy a guy that messages me I just dont reply to them and thats easier. It seems like such a waste of time and effort you know to message, initiate the converstions, have a conversation and make plans to meet but without the intention to do so.

Trying to understand the mindset of the online timewasters.

I guess its just for their ego but come on they must know themselves on some level how pointless all this stuff is. I guess the point is like I said sometimes I am talking to someone but just sort of lose interest and instead of coming straight out and telling him I pretty much just fade out. I met a guy online. He was very good looking, intelligent, divorced, no kids.

We were talking online messaging for about a week. He gave me his number and said lets talk on the phone. The only thing I did not really take into consideration was the distance. He was 2 hours away from me.. Then I felt bad and I was like should I call him but for what? The guy lives 2 hours away is this really going to turn into something? I am not looking for a long distance relationship.

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SO my point is that sometimes we go in with one mindset then something clicks and we change our minds. However, there are success stories. I have met many nice guys online.

Topic: Trying to understand the mindset of the online timewasters.

Do not stereo type every guy because of one bad nut. I know you are right L. Its just this has happened or variations of this has happened so many times to me. Im fed up with it. I guess I just need to keep on hoping there will be a normal guy out there but it really does make you question everything and I dont want to be like that I just want to relax and have fun with it all.

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I had some weird experiences last week on OKC but had an outstanding date with a terrific gentleman and have weeded it down to 6 now who seem genuine. I spent a lot of time determining my criteria. As you get older you realize what is really important. Who knows and who cares why they do what they do.

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I think men and women online are generally talking to quite a few people. Gina I know its been so many instances like that and thats why I came off it before and ladies thankyou Im very glad to hear that Im not alone with these issues then. I definitely dont take it personally and Im happy to keep on keeping on for now. Its just hard when u have kids and dont get out too much and online is your only viable option to date and then you see all these guys on a dating website yet u never seem to quite make it to the date part lol.

It is frustrating but it can work with patience and a thick skin! Surely it is easier but is it nice? If a guy normally does not fade, but then someone fades on him, he is likely to do it to the next woman. Yup Maria i agree its a cowardly and lame thing to do. I would never fade on a guy ever. If im not interested I like it to be a clean break and final as men dont always take the hint. I very much beleive that what u put out you get back so I want to keep my karma clean lol. Thats why this kind of nonsense baffles me I just dont understand the mindset of the guys that initiate then back out.

Its crazy to me. Gina Im pretty certain that men do it more.

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All my pals are very honest with guys we all would never fade. I wouldnt dream of running after a dude especially a guy I never met and never will it seems lol. And you are right my Mr Right would be man enough to make plans and follow them through and let me know if he does lose interest as he will be honest and have integrity.