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Trunk In Love Saturday, Feb. Budding Romance Monday, Feb. Paradise Cove Wednesday, Feb. Where Love Grows Thursday, Feb. Winter Blooms Sunday, Feb. Be Still Monday, Feb.

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La Luna Splende Thursday, Feb. Radiant Forest Friday, Feb. Enchanted Wine Night Saturday, Feb. Wooden Pineapple Sunday, Feb. Family is Love Monday, Feb. Whimsical Spring Thursday, Feb.

Dream Island Friday, Mar. Great Falls Saturday, Mar. Pretty Petals Sunday, Mar. You don't have to be in a specific town, city or what have you. If it's events, bike clubs, museums, charity, etc. Personally, I think this aspect of life is similar to what a college education can be like. You get out of it what you put into it. Make the most of out it. Again, personally, I think Bergen County has the most to offer as far as lifestyle, quality of life, culturally speaking, location, population, diversity, and so on.

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Commute senarios as follows. Again, all great advice I'm still a little confused on why so many people seem to think that the whole area is really difficult for singles I realize that life is fast and crazy in the NY metro area, but why so notoriously difficult for the single ladies? Originally Posted by JaneyBlu. I think it's a case of "to each their own" so to speak.

We are within X number of miles of one of the most action packed cities in North America, perhaps the world. I remember a friend of mine asked another friend of mine if Northern NJ was a good place to move.

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She said she was 35, single, outgoing, didn't like the bar scene, etc. The second friend said -- sure this is a great place to move -- depending on who you are, what you like to do, where you like to go, what type of job you have, what type of industry you work in and the people you work with, whether or not you and so on and so on. To each their own.

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Page 2 of 3. Northern NJ posts, read 2,, times Reputation: Advertisements In my opinion, Montvale, like most other NJ towns will be no different for a single female than a single male to the extent it wouldn't be any different anywhere else in the US. After graduating college, I left Montclair to find a life in restaurants and discovered my comfort was in their kitchens.

With blind fortune, I ended up as a cook at Craft in Manhattan. For thirteen years I worked for Crafted Hospitality assuming various culinary positions while learning from some of the best in the industry. As a cook, I bought into the philosophy that where an ingredient comes from is just as important as what it becomes.

Along the way I have been fortunate to come to know the hardworking people growing and raising the ingredients I love to cook with. We spoke of opening a restaurant here in our hometown since before we were out of high school. Back then, we envisioned a warm, inviting setting with great food and reassuring hospitality. Dinner reservations can be made twenty-eight days prior to the desired date. Check out our Dinner menu is below. Due to the seasonal nature of our cooking these online menus may not reflect in full what we have to offer on any given night. We do update our online menu frequently, but please feel free to give us a call at If you are joining us for one of these meals and someone in your party has a dietary restriction excluding them from participation, our kitchen team will work to accommodate their needs.

Each meal includes a green salad to start as well as three side dishes, our buttermilk biscuits, house-made sauces, and desserts for the table. We do encourage those joining us at the last minute to inquire about the availability of these special meals at the time of your reservation. Our current Large Format offerings are listed below but we are not limited to just these options.

Upon request we have roasted a whole lamb, paired dishes for wine tastings, or have done a seasonal tasting menu. Please feel free to inquire with us should you have an idea that we can run with.

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All Large Format Menu reservations must be confirmed via telephone and require an email address and credit card number. All pricing is subject to change based on ingredients and availability. The simple answer is that the turtle and wolf were two of the clan symbols for the Lenape Indians. As these were the indigenous people to the area that is now Montclair, I thought this was a cool way to give historical context to the restaurant and its location. As I did further research, it became evident that the turtle and the wolf were indeed appropriate symbols for a restaurant. Diving down an existential rabbit hole, I learned that the turtle totem, among many things, symbolizes determination, persistence, and the ability to stay grounded in moments of chaos.

This resonated with me since most professional kitchens hold a frenetic energy, bordering on insanity.

The wolf, as a spirit animal, represents instinct and an appetite for freedom.